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ASMBS OnDemand

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Annual Meeting has been recorded and is now available exclusively through ASMBS OnDemand. Whether you missed important sessions, wish to review specific sessions, or were unable to attend the meeting, OnDemand provides you with all the critical information, game-changing insights, and simple access for busy clinicians looking to learn and stay current in this ever-changing field. Get any time, anywhere access and easily earn CME/CE credits on your schedule. Order OnDemand now and educate yourself in your specialty!

Features of ASMBS OnDemand

Approximate 60 hours of lectures/session

Earn CME/CE credits

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Session NumberSession Title
AM23-301Top Papers I
AM23-302IH Top Oral Abstracts
AM23-304Top Papers II
AM23-305IH Keynote and Presidential Address
AM23-308Top Videos
AM23-309IFSO at ASMBS Symposium: Medical Liability in the Bariatric World:  How to Reduce Your Risk
AM23-310Perspectives on Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency in Bariatric Surgery
AM23-311SADI/DS – The Essentials
AM23-312Innovative and Complementary Approaches to Optimizing the Bariatric Surgery Experience
AM23-315Collaborative Obesity Care:  The Future Looks Bright!|OMA + ASMBS Session
AM23-401Abstract Palooza Session I – Complications
AM23-402Metabolic Surgery: History, Scope, Potential
AM23-403Viva… Viva….LAS PRACTICE !!
AM23-404A Paper, Person or Experience That Changed my Practice
AM23-405A Full House Win: Navigating MBS From a Multidisciplinary Lens
AM23-407Mason Lecture
AM23-408Presidential Address and Passing of the Gavel
AM23-409Abstract Palooza Session II – General Interest
AM23-410Multimodal Approaches to Obesity Treatment: What Can we Learn from Cancer Treatment Algorithms and Approaches
AM23-411Access to Care
AM23-412Enhancing Outcomes through Support Groups
AM23-414Multidisciplinary Approaches to Supporting Patients Through Complications After Bariatric Surgery
AM23-415Global Leaders in Bariatric Surgery Summit
AM23-416Band Management
AM23-417Abstract Palooza Session III – Emerging Med Tech and Adjustable Banding
AM23-418New Rules and New Tools: Pediatric Obesity Care
AM23-4197th Annual Physician Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Bariatric Surgical Symposium
AM23-501Abstract Palooza Session IV – Revisional
AM23-502Management of GERD in Bariatric Patients: Multisociety Consensus Guidelines Examined
AM23-503Robotics 1 – The Use of Robotic Assisted Surgery in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery: Where Do We Stand?
AM23-505Medical Management of Obesity
AM23-506Patient and Clinical Perspectives on Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders
AM23-508Abstract Palooza Session V – Revisional
AM23-510Robotics 2 – The Use of Robotic Assisted Surgery in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery: Where Do We Stand?
AM23-511Technical Video Pearls of Anastomoses in RYGB and SADI-S and Complications
AM23-512Transferring Momentum from Conference to Communities
AM23-513What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas : Sex, drugs, Rock and Roll
AM23-516Disaster Videos: Hall of Fame
AM23-517Optimizing Micronutrient Management: From Guidelines to Practice
AM23-518Let’s Get Physical